Monday, April 16, 2012


Ok, this post is going to be a little embarrassing. I know often people fall in love with comics, start to draw their favorite characters, and that starts them on the path to making their own, learning and copying other people's style.

Well, I never really read "tights n flights dead tree" comics. I got into comics reading webcomics, and while I fiddled around with drawing off and on, I didn't get serious about writing and drawing my own until I started following Brian Patterson.

So, yeah. I've been drawing his characters off and on for some time now. That's kind of mortifying, since I'm trading art with him now like a peer, but whatever. I figured I could throw down where I started, a bit of in-between, and what I'm doing with his characters now :)

This was the first thing I think I ever had the guts to show him. It's one panel of a four-panel comic that's pretty terrible, but I figured this captured my early attempts to study his style. (Brett)

Later -- yeah, I think I really got into drawing once I realized I could use it to troll people. I still draw pretty terrible things just to give people brain-bleeds, and this is a much milder version of that same ethos. (Brett and Jeanie)

And this is what I drew today, specifically for Artertown. I think I'm still trolling, at least a little. And I'll probably still keep drawing his characters, too.

Friday, April 13, 2012


"What is 'Artertown?" you ask yourself?

Good question.

The idea of 'Artertown is a straight up fan art trade between webcomic creators. Each artist draws the main cast of the other artist's webcomic in their own style and then they trade the artwork and post it here online for everyone else to see.

Hopefully it bridges audiences together and gives each web comic creator who participates at least one cool piece of art to have from another artist.